From Queensland With Love - Macadamia Nut Oil

Cold-pressed from macadamia nuts and with a light to medium thickness, macadamia nut oil is a penetrating base oil that has a slightly nutty aroma if it remains unrefined. It contains high levels of monounsaturated fatty acids as well as ample Vitamin E. Like jojoba oil, it has a chemical makeup that closely resembles that of sebum. Sebum is an oil-like substance produced by the sebaceous glands in the skin that makes hair shiny and prevents skin from becoming dry.

Macadamia nut oil is excellent to use in facial elixirs for mature and environmentally damaged skin.

Benefits include:

  • Powerful anti-inflammatory
  • Skin moisturizer
  • Soothes sunburns
  • Helps fade scars
  • Gently cleanses the skin
  • Prevents fine lines and wrinkles
  • Fights acne
  • Softens rough patches
  • Relieves eczema and other inflammatory skin conditions
  • Balances oily skin

Fun facts about macadamia nuts:

  • Also known as the “Queensland nut” due to it’s Australian origin
  • Is a staple in the Aboriginal diet
  • First cultivated in 1930 in Hawaii
  • The only plant of Australian origin to acquire commercial significance

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