About Us

Ryan Lee, Co-Founder

Palms Island Co-Founder, Ryan Lee, has worked for a Fortune 50 company for the last 13 years and thus has been made privy to how one of the most profitable companies in the world operates. Continuously learning and searching, Ryan has been groomed during this time to take the next step to become a tech-savvy, business-minded entrepreneur.

Being of mostly Welsh and Irish descent, Ryan knows what it means to deal with skin and hair imperfections. He has used his own skin and hair ailments as the impetus to develop natural products that truly address these issues without any negative side effects – beard oil, face cream, shampoo, etc. Ryan has the drive and desire to help others with these issues and even some serious dermatological issues like acne, psoriasis, and eczema naturally without the use of harmful chemical treatments. After researching the contents of numerous skin and hair care product labels, it became clear that these were not products made with the health of the consumer in mind. These are products that hurt our bodies – adults and children alike.

Ryan was raised on and around the barrier islands of the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and he exudes an easy-going temperament, politeness and compassion towards others. He treats people in his personal and business relationships with this same mentality and considers every interaction an opportunity to help people, to learn and to grow.

Cristina Henderson, Co-Founder

Palms Island Co-Founder, Cristina Henderson has been working in the hemp extraction business for 6 years. During that time, she has worked for Apeks Supercritical – a company that manufactures CO2 plant extraction machines - training customers on how to use the machines, and also working sales for the company. Tina spent the last 2 years working for Extract Labs where she was directly involved in starting the company from the ground up, formulating products using industrial hemp-derived cannabinoids, and then moved on to managing wholesale accounts for the company.

Cristina is a people person through-and-through and thus has formed many solid business relationships in the hemp and cannabis industry. She is very knowledgeable about the healing properties of CBD and other cannabinoids and has seen and heard firsthand how these molecules have helped and are continuing to help people with various ailments.

Raised on the island of Oahu, Tina has always wanted to incorporate the laid-back lifestyle of her childhood and early adult years into a company where she could create simple yet effective products for everyone to enjoy. When Tina moved to the mainland, she focused on going to school for nursing and worked as an LPN for 5 years. Tina has always wanted to help others, and when transitioning into the cannabis industry, she knew she wanted to continue to do just that. This new endeavor is continuing on the path she has always wanted to be on and she looks forward to developing more products to share with the world.